Our Vision
Recognized as one of the leading Lebanese construction companies, delivering every project to the highest standard, with passion and professionalism. Main aim is to achieve ‘bringing dreams to life’ with our clients and all involved, while ensuring enjoyment is gained throughout the construction journey.

Our Mission
LFC’s mission is to undertake and complete construction projects to a standard continuously exceeding our client’s expectations, ensuring that everyone involved has transparency throughout the entire process.
Our products and services will be of the highest quality, high values for money and will optimize value addition for our clients.

We are a team of committed and positive individuals persistently striving to be balanced, integrated and honest. We work within LFC’s Points of Culture to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with the Form team benefits greatly.

We will always work with others within our industry to discover new and innovative ways to consistently improve. We will continually educate ourselves within a healthy environment to achieve maximum enjoyment and effectiveness with every project.
We understand that people are important, that systems are well used by company, and we offer the best construction process from concept to completion.

Our Uniqueness
LFC aims to be one of the leading Lebanese construction companies, where your expectations will be met and exceeded and you’ll have the unique opportunity to enjoy the construction process. Our uniqueness comes from a prime objective of making your project-journey full of enjoyment and free of stress. While you’re a key part of the LFC team during the project, we take care of the trivialities and the difficulties, leaving you to contribute to your dream in the way you dreamed.