Royal Hotels and Resorts


Mina El Hosn- Beirut

Type of Contract:



Lebanese for contracting


Rodolphe Matar Bureau

Start Date:

November 2015

Completion Date:


Peak Manpower on Site:


Royal Hotels and Resorts -Mina El Hosn- is a Seven Blocks project of luxury villas and resorts.
A Quality Control system is being implemented exclusively by the Q/A-Q/C manager and the site production team.

Lebanese for Contracting main aim is the provision of a high quality of concrete works; with the objectives of completing work on schedule without any delay.

LFC developed processors and procedures to comply with health and safety along with construction standards.

For all these objectives, our employees are well trained and monitored to follow the processors and procedures. Towers cranes were installed to complete our scope of work as per schedule approved by the client.
Our well experienced and reliable work force can start and deliver all kinds of construction works, within the required limited time frames, we have a long tradition of providing projects management organization with new equipment and Formwork that can execute and complete the project requirements as on schedule.